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Z-Payment is a payment system aimed at receiving and processing payments. It is designed for small and medium-scale commercial Internet projects. It supports a wide range of other electronic payment systems.

Z-Payment is owned by registered in Russia Tranzactor. Transactions carried out in the system are under the Russian legislation. The major unit of accounting is the Russian ruble. It is precise up to kopeks.

Z-Payment - key dates

• September 2007, Z-Payment was launched.

• October 2008, the system was presented at an international conference E Commerce Expo in London.

• August 2009, the system has announced the start of receiving payments via Elecsnet.

• September 2009, it started replenishing wallets via VTB24 banking system.

• October 2009, it began working with Contact payment system.

• February 2010, the system started to accept bank payments from the eurozone.

• March 2010, the cooperation agreement was signed with the MoneyBookers payment system.

• September 2010, the cooperation agreement was signed with the social network VKontakte.

• October 2010, the cooperation agreement was signed with international system of electronic money transfer Payoneer.

Country, legal basis

Legal framework of the electronic payment system is the Russian Federation.


The electronic currency of the Z-Payment system is ZP. One ZP equals 1 RUB. Calculations are conducted according to tariffs and rates set by the Central Bank of Russia.

System specifications. Purpose

Z-Payment is a flexible tool for making payments on the Internet irrespective of client's location. The major purpose of the system is to provide clients with universal and effective tool of sales for Internet trading. The major clients of the system are sellers of digital goods, PIN codes, electronic books, hosting providers; owners of online games; and other Internet projects.

Z-Payment offers clients a wide range and types of payments.

Registration with the system

In order to register a wallet in the system, one should fill in a form and get a so-called certificate, which will allow the client to work with a particular set of tools and grants him some privileges and possibilities.

In order to connect the website to Z-Payment, one should register the wallet, fill in a questionnaire, get temporary certificate, add website and adjust notifications, and place on his website the code of the button for payment. Registration is free of charge.


Multilevel security in the system is achieved by means of various services. In particular, a user enters two passwords to log in to the platform; one allows him to  view the data, the second one enables a user to change the information, transfer money, and conduct other activity.

Besides permanent passwords, one can set one-off passwords, which will be sent both when entering the system and paying to one's email and/or phone.

The platform provides a client with personal electronic safe, where funds may be stored. It can be accessed only with the password and several one-time alternate codes.

Besides, a user may set different types of access restrictions (by IP, subnet mask).

SSL certificates and multilevel protection system are used. Servers are guarded around the clock.

Depositing and withdrawal of funds

There are more than 40 ways to deposit funds. You can do it via payment systems, payment kiosks, bank transfers, etc.

There are about 18 ways to withdraw funds. It may be done by means of exchange services, payment systems, bank transfers, a transfer to bank card, etc.

Limit to withdrawal is 200,000 zp a day for individuals. There are no limits to withdrawal for entities.


Tariff scale is built on the basis of a system of certification, which divides all the uses into groups with various set of rights and possibilities depending on the rate of verification of personal data.

Given to every user certificate of anonym is an initial one. It enables the user to exchange electronic currencies, pay for goods and services that are connected to the system. Certificate of the shop allows the user to make the withdrawal to any electronic payment system or a bank account. Certificate of the company allows the user to withdraw funds automatically and transfer them to an account. Besides, there are certificates of dealer, agent, manager, and developer. Each of them provides the user with individual favourable conditions.

Depositing to the wallet through WebMoney R and WebMoney Z is charged 0% commission if a user has any of the listed below certificates. The other types of depositing methods require commission in the range of 2 to 8% depending on the type of the certificate.

Having personal certificate or higher, the user pays 0% commission when withdrawing funds to the exchanger. Withdrawal by other methods is charged 1-8% commission depending on the certificate's type.

Detailed information about tariffs could be found on the system's official website.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses of the Z-Payment system

The system that has web interface and does not require installation of the additional programs ensures:

• complete automation of electronic trading;

• operating with more than 50 types of payments (including Internet, banking, debit/credit cards, SMS, cash, and payments via kiosks);

• single system of sales record;

• gratis inner transactions between the wallets;

• professional technical support.

Minuses of the Z-Payment system

The service is not sufficiently orientated to the needs of individuals as it was designed for small-scale business.

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