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2017-12-19 06:38:20

I highly recommend Insta-change because it has an affordable transaction fee. Aside from that, the fund transfer is very swift. The last time I transferred my funds on December 12, 2017, my transaction was carried out accordingly. Thanks to the their accommodating staff.


2017-12-11 23:38:18

"I alway use online for the slightly better rate, and I am using InstaChange. The web site is easy to use and clear! Quick & efficent service
And very convenient!Excellent Currency Exchange!!!"


2017-12-11 05:42:34

I highly recommended Insta-change as it saves me a lot of money each time I transferred my funds to my wallet. Apart from it, the transfer of fund is in accordance with the Terms of Agreement.

Peter Semion

2017-11-29 09:48:47

My friend recommended Insta-change to me six months ago, and I am very happy because the rate is reasonable. For example, when I transferred my money amounting to 1500 EUR from my bank to Neteller EUR. And the money appeared in my wallet after three working days. I would love to recommend them to anyone.


2017-11-28 02:41:29

I have used Instachange several times and the service has always been excellent! I made another transaction this week and it went fine, no problem! :)


2017-11-24 01:53:00

InstaForex is a trusted money changer. I have echanged my money currency to them. The process was smooth and a legitimate transaction/ I will definitely use InstaChange again to exchange my money when I need to.

Prof. Enriquez

2017-11-20 03:52:48

I always received a professional service everytime I exchange my money from MT USD to Skrill. The market rate is competitive and less expensive. I really thank my friend for recommending Insta-change.


2017-11-17 10:22:28

I have nothing to say, but to praise them as I got an outstanding service when I exchanged 100 USD from Bank USD to QIWI RUB last week. The money had been credited to my account sooner than expected.


2017-11-10 04:14:06

Offers a fabulous e-currency exchange and a great idea for faster transaction if you need it to be online. You can find a good rated of the currencies that you need. I was recommended by my friend to use this service of InstaForex and i find it simple and quick


2017-11-08 10:42:46

They always have an excellent exchange rate. Already used them for a numerous occasions, and all I can tell is I always received a satisfactory service. Dealing with them is much easier than the banks and I really spending less of money every time.

Song ghan

2017-11-03 05:28:10

Got an assistance throughout the entire procedure when I tried to buy e-currency, and was very happy because they answered all my queries. The rate I got from this company was significantly reasonable compared to the other exchangers.


2017-10-26 06:53:29

I've been needing a site where i can exchange my currencies asap with a good rate and my friend recommend me this Insta Change. When I checked this, i got a good rates of the currencies i needed to I easily made a transaction with it! I got it and i am so impressed!

Mr. Samuel C.

2017-10-24 07:39:03

Insta-change provides better rates than the banks. I used their service for a numerous times already, and this company never let me down. Would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends.


2017-10-19 01:39:39

It's really amazing how fast can be my transaction here!!! Quick and very a simple thing to do! I got my exchange for a very cheap price! It's truly worth it with Insta-Change. You should definitely try this one!

Karev Chd.

2017-10-18 03:53:21

The account set up was very simple and quick. Moreover, this company has always given us a reasonable rate at all times. So far, all our transactions are carried-out swiftly. We were very delighted by the service provided by the Insta-change, and will continue to use them in the future!

mirdha hasan

2017-10-09 03:15:17

I was recommended to Insta-change by a friend, and I was impressed with their efficient and speedy service. My latest transaction today was handled professionally. I would love to recommend them to anyone.


2017-10-09 02:56:52

Got a good rate for my money with InstaChange! I have tried other exchange rate before but with InstaChange it is worth it. The transaction is also quick and you can exchange it anytime you need. I would always use this because it's more convenient for me.


2017-10-06 10:24:13

It's my first time to use this, and was taken aback for the quick transaction. Had got an excellent service during an entire process, and the transfer of funds was well-timed. They also give a very competitive rate. I would not hesitate to recommend them, and will be using them again. Thank you so much!


2017-10-06 07:07:22

It's very convenient to me! I can exchange anytime and it works very fast. It's a great thing that InstaForex has this feature! I love it!


2017-10-06 06:13:38

Excellent service. Love that their online banking is easy & secure to use. I had a return and requested a refund. They promptly got in touch with me about the refund. I was kept informed via email as to the progress. Very professional and attentive.


2017-09-22 10:56:29

I've made bank transfer via insfa-change, money came during 2 days without delaying. Normal


2017-09-19 15:41:47

I've never been waiting my payment more than 40 minutes. Very fast work! Thanks


2017-09-15 16:52:31

I like design of this service - stylish and nothing extra. Using this exchanger for me is the most pleasing part of trading, because I change my profit, which Insta helps me to earn.


2017-09-13 16:58:03

I hope their servers are good and my confidential information is secured. I've just started to use it and for now I'm satisfied with the quality.


2017-09-11 15:48:26

Super exchanger! No delays, no errors. Everything is on the top level


2017-09-06 16:02:57

I like this exchanger, it works very fast. And the main thing - good commisions for each currency


2017-06-26 13:59:08

This is very interesting and very fast exchanger for me.


2017-06-21 09:57:33

I like this service and I'm regularly use this exchanger.


2017-05-12 13:16:22

Very good prices and fast service. Excellent!


2017-05-03 14:50:27

I'm really glad/ Very fast!


2017-04-25 14:28:41

I like this exchanger. There are better and cheaper.


2017-04-10 13:39:58

Tnx Insta-change. About 3 hours and my dollars in a bank.


2017-03-29 14:12:45

I buy Perfect Money for good price. I'm glad


2017-03-06 09:11:36

Very good service and very fast.


2017-03-03 15:30:21

Good site and very fast.


2017-02-27 12:19:33

Hmm... not bad


2017-02-27 12:18:06

This is the best exchanger!


2017-02-21 12:38:02

I'm glad! It's very fast site.


2017-02-21 12:34:47

Very good exchanger and works very quickly.


2017-02-07 15:04:09



2017-02-06 09:08:22

Realy good site!


2017-01-18 12:45:55

Good and fast site!


2017-01-18 12:44:45



2017-01-10 09:49:39

I like this change!


2017-01-10 09:48:13

Good service and very fast!


2016-12-27 12:39:54

I like this change!


2016-12-26 13:00:23

Super fast!


2016-12-22 14:39:58

I thing this is site very good.


2016-12-16 14:43:39

Good exchanger and very fast!


2016-12-14 22:01:09

Very faaaaaast,thanks


2016-12-06 09:17:36



2016-11-30 10:07:57

Super fast! Thanks insta change!


2016-11-28 09:08:33

Cool site! Thank Insta!


2016-11-22 12:35:37

Cool! Very fast.


2016-11-14 12:59:54

Very fast! Good site!


2016-11-08 13:13:24

Good site!!!


2016-10-31 13:35:57

Thank InstaChange. Very fast.


2016-10-25 09:08:46

Good exchanger. Very fast!


2016-10-24 13:31:49

OO gool! Very fast!


2016-10-17 13:23:17

Very good site! Super fast!


2016-09-26 13:54:56

Very good site! I like this exchanger.


2016-09-20 13:45:07

Cool! Very fast!


2016-09-20 13:43:29

Еhis exchanger is very good.


2016-09-14 14:49:19

Very good service.


2016-08-25 12:26:27

not bad for work.


2016-08-17 12:19:49

I,m glad to work with this servict it's fast!


2016-07-26 09:43:27

Bitcoin exchanger - it's this cool.


2016-07-20 06:47:25

It's good partner in my business.


2016-07-08 13:36:40

I think, this exchanger is good.


2016-06-29 13:18:09

I think this exchanger is the fastest of all which i have used before.


2016-06-23 14:09:08

Pleasantly surprised by the speed of processing applications.


2016-06-02 14:22:28

I think that the exchange rates for a very acceptable


2016-05-31 14:26:04

Jast good emoutions


2016-05-27 15:07:26

I was pleasantly pleased InstaChange.


2016-05-26 14:31:29

It's reale usefull servise. sorry that is not used before


2016-05-20 15:10:02

Secure, convenient and profitable


2016-05-18 13:18:23

Always a pleasure to work with reliable, professional people. Thank InstaChange.


2016-05-11 15:05:58

I realy surprised tha so fast.


2016-05-10 10:26:12

Good site.


2016-05-06 07:13:31

I work with the exchanger for a year. Never let me down.


2016-05-05 10:28:36

Super fast!


2016-05-03 13:38:43

I have not lost by the exchanger


2016-05-02 09:45:30

Good site, exellent service!


2016-04-22 10:09:11

I satisfied


2016-04-20 07:00:59

It seems not bad, I just changed a couple of times Bitcoins, but fast in general.


2016-04-19 07:08:15

Cool! Fast


2016-04-18 10:39:43

For a long time working with this service until all perfectly satisfied with everything.


2016-04-15 07:36:33

I am pleased


2016-04-14 07:17:42

For a long time working with this service until all perfectly satisfied with everything.


2016-04-13 07:09:50

I like this exchanger.


2016-04-12 06:57:29

Very fast!


2016-04-11 09:11:07

I think this service will be enjoyed by many.


2016-04-08 08:13:24

Good platfor for everyday work.


2016-04-06 10:20:21

Good site


2016-04-01 07:48:34

Good service.


2016-03-30 07:35:10

Pleasantly surprised by the service work.


2016-03-29 07:24:57

Fast but expensive for me


2016-03-28 08:16:13

I have not had to doubt the quality of the service. I work more than a year, all happy.


2016-03-24 07:04:02

I always exchange my maney here.


2016-03-23 07:03:11

Money came quickly. Thank you. Change Bitcoin basically.


2016-03-22 06:13:01

Always a pleasure to work with professionals in the business.


2016-03-21 07:38:05

I satisfied of this service.


2016-03-18 06:26:22

With each passing day more and more I appreciate this site. Never fails.


2016-03-16 06:57:28

Thanks for good job!


2016-03-15 07:05:37

Always a pleasure to work with professionals in the business.


2016-03-14 07:47:02

I like It!


2016-03-11 07:26:27

Good exchanger. I like it.


2016-03-10 06:22:22

I am pleased with the work of this service. Many suitable my currency, and an acceptable rate.


2016-03-09 08:18:40

More recently I learned that there InstaForex exchanger, is now trying to change here. While everyone likes. This is useful when the broker related services.


2016-03-04 06:41:45

In my opinion everythink is OK!


2016-03-02 07:36:28

Realy good service. If you work online, it's for you


2016-03-01 07:02:47

You can work with them, even though the course is not very profitable, for Bitcoins for example.


2016-02-29 07:59:44

useful and reliable exchanger


2016-02-26 07:48:59

expensive, but quickly


2016-02-25 07:12:38

I trust them!


2016-02-24 07:01:42

If you need a serious pertner in work, this exchancher for you.


2016-02-23 07:21:05

I am satisfied with this exchanger.


2016-02-20 06:14:43

I'm glad to work with this service.


2016-02-19 07:25:24

I often use the services of this site. A lot of work on the Internet. I was not let down and service is distressed.


2016-02-18 06:37:31

While I was happy with everything, and hope does not disappoint later.


2016-02-17 07:43:14

Pleasantly surprised by the performance of the exchanger


2016-02-16 07:12:53

for me turned out to be a convenient and reliable


2016-02-15 08:18:44

I am satisfied with the performance of the exchanger


2016-02-12 07:52:06

I like thise service? because it's fast.


2016-02-11 07:22:01

One of the best saxchanger in my experience!


2016-02-10 07:43:26

Good axchanger! Work here about 2 eyars.


2016-02-09 07:25:16

Insta Group offers traders a lot of things to work, one of the exchanger service. Fast and reliable, just like everything else.


2016-02-08 07:47:30

It is difficult to find a normal, and most importantly reliable exchanger in the internet. Never sure you do not throw. Because finding insta was no longer rush and take risks.


2016-02-05 07:46:32

Many pleasant surprises found for myself here. One is the processing speed operations.


2016-02-04 08:02:24

Thanks for good job!


2016-02-03 07:04:31

I like this exchanger. First of all it's raliably.


2016-02-02 07:14:14

Always nervous - do not be deceived, whether the money transferred. With Insta has been working and doubt no more.


2016-02-01 07:48:58

This morning received the funds, the exchange was successful. Liberty Reserve for Perfect money. It should be noted that the Insta Change Commission quite adequate for all currencies. Finance Division is working well without jambs.


2016-01-29 07:42:43

мои евро за 2 часа на счет поступили, с биткоинов менял.


2016-01-28 07:31:55

Nice work, when sure at 100 that your money will not disappear. Insta - a reliable exchanger.


2016-01-27 08:21:25

Good site, convenient, fast and safe. I do not worry about your money.


2016-01-26 05:34:51

Realy good exchanger. Usefull for me.


2016-01-25 08:16:20

Cool serviсe!


2016-01-22 05:50:16

simple and fast


2016-01-21 07:20:35

Realy good exchanger!


2016-01-20 07:26:20

For almost a year exchange only here. Satisfied. The irreplaceable service for those who work in the Internet.


2016-01-19 06:43:36

I'm glad I found this exchanger, all advise


2016-01-18 07:40:45

pleasantly surprised by this service


2016-01-15 07:04:11

happy to work with this exchanger


2016-01-14 07:58:11

I am pleased with the work of the exchanger, a single mistake during the year of work.


2016-01-13 09:52:10

Good job!


2016-01-12 07:41:25

Cood? fast and reliable!


2016-01-11 07:49:57

I recommend this exchanger.


2016-01-08 06:22:08

I am pleased with the work of the service, while only working with him.


2016-01-07 06:32:07

Only good things about the service!


2016-01-06 06:16:47

Excellent service! Realy fast


2016-01-05 06:42:16

Good and reliable


2016-01-04 06:29:39

Super exchancher!


2015-12-30 06:09:19

The best in my experiense


2015-12-24 07:41:22

From my experience, a good exchanger, but no more


2015-12-23 08:03:44

Work is work, all should be well. exchange is part of the job, because everything should be clear. Here it is found.


2015-12-22 07:27:19

Good job!


2015-12-21 08:34:43

It is not sure of the exchanger. Money is transferred quickly, I hope. and reliability that will not fail.


2015-12-18 07:10:26

Thank you for your efficient work and honesty.


2015-12-17 07:35:26

O! pleasantly surprised, everything went very quickly


2015-12-16 07:23:31

Many different videos such services, many have tried, your choice is stopped at this.


2015-12-15 08:04:17

And my euros for 2 hours on account received from Bitcoin changed.


2015-12-14 07:45:21

Like works! Very satisfied!


2015-12-12 05:54:18

I have no complaints about the work of this website. Excellent all works


2015-12-11 07:41:06

I'm treider and this exchanger as good as a broker.


2015-12-09 06:43:32

I can only say thank you for the operational work.


2015-12-07 07:59:02

From my experience, this is very exchanger operational.


2015-12-04 07:42:03

I was so far only time, but money came fast. I will try again.


2015-12-03 07:36:47

Insta is a good broker and good exchanger.


2015-12-02 19:13:53



2015-12-02 07:29:18

I am sure that will not be deceived


2015-12-01 10:17:00

Recently did not load the site, I was worried you did not close at all. I can not do without him. But now he is working again, and I am very happy.


2015-11-30 07:48:23

I'm glad to work with this service.


2015-11-27 05:37:10

the best exchanger in my expirienсe


2015-11-26 07:30:07

I like this exchanger!


2015-11-25 07:21:00

Normal exchanger Kosjakov there is always money in the bank account of mine. I was happy with everything.


2015-11-24 07:24:03

Change from Insta because trust them, working with them on Forex. In general, the company's largest and reliable.


2015-11-23 09:18:17

Good exchanger. To exchange Liberty USD on Perfect Money. Though was and Friday, the order has been processed successfully until the evening, and I am very pleased. Many thanks.


2015-11-20 07:30:38

I recommend all traders to seamlessly enter and withdraw funds.


2015-11-19 07:44:27

Realy helpfull for me!


2015-11-18 07:28:52

It is often checked Insta honesty and quality. I recommend.


2015-11-17 07:34:15

There are better and cheaper. But if you need fast, you run here.


2015-11-16 08:05:59

Thanks! Good job


2015-11-13 07:34:21

Exсellent !


2015-11-12 07:43:36

The best exchanger for me.


2015-11-11 07:04:33

This service is right for me


2015-11-10 07:38:12

If you appreciate your time, this exchanger for you.


2015-11-06 08:23:25

I like this exchanger!


2015-11-05 06:56:50



2015-11-04 06:44:03

About 2 hours and my dollars in my bank


2015-11-03 09:14:07

Only good impressions of the work of this service.


2015-11-02 07:40:06

I hope the service will not deteriorate with the time, glad I found it.


2015-10-30 07:13:00

Exchangers on the Internet a lot, but not so many of them can be used. choose carefully


2015-10-29 07:39:02

Good serviсe!


2015-10-28 07:37:34

I change not a huge amount, because for me an acceptable rate, but quickly, and I worry about the money.


2015-10-27 07:21:51

very comfortably! Now much easier to me with my inet capital!


2015-10-26 07:14:17

A good course for me.


2015-10-23 06:18:13

Nothing special, ordinary exchanger. I work for a Insta trading, and therefore they chose exchanger.


2015-10-22 07:16:59

Exchanger proved himself reliable. Not the cheapest, but I overpaid a little better than staying at all with the nose!


2015-10-21 07:30:07

Thanks for good job!


2015-10-20 07:39:20

After one day I do not return the money that wanted to exchange us choose from the known and reliable. With Insta me more than six months, everything is clear without a divorce, and in good time.


2015-10-19 07:47:19

I like this service!


2015-10-16 07:59:08

I found I was looking for! instaChange in all respects suits me. I recommend to try!


2015-10-15 07:34:02

I'm glad I found the exchanger, which suits me 100%


2015-10-14 08:01:53

realy fast!


2015-10-13 06:57:17

Good to get exchange service. Design beautiful, like. Many interesting destinations sharing, including the purchase of Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. Soon cards promise to connect. Excellent!.


2015-10-12 07:25:19

Only good impressions.


2015-10-09 07:54:41

I think this is one of the best exchanger.


2015-10-08 07:08:43

Good service!


2015-10-07 07:09:54

Not very favorable rates, but quickly and reliably


2015-10-06 08:11:12

I hope that the quality of service Insta exchanger will only improve with time, but not as many others.


2015-10-05 07:21:19

Excellent exchanger!


2015-10-02 07:54:16

I have no problems, everything works well


2015-10-01 07:35:52

All perfectly


2015-09-30 07:35:27

I hope that this exchancer wiil be the best ever. For me it's very convenient.


2015-09-29 07:25:39

The best service in my experienсe


2015-09-28 07:45:44

Good service!


2015-09-25 07:36:07

Reliadility! The most impotant for me/


2015-09-24 07:35:23

InstaChange has all the necessary qualities for the exchanger - is simple and straightforward to use, and quickly conducts operations. Everybody happy, thank you.


2015-09-23 07:13:32

It's realy fast!


2015-09-22 07:26:37

I can give only the best comments to this exchanger.


2015-09-21 07:38:27

In my mind, it's one of the best such services.


2015-09-18 07:14:50

I'm realy happy I found this exchanger on the internet.


2015-09-17 07:06:57

I like this exchanger!


2015-09-16 07:37:44

Thanks for good job!


2015-09-15 07:13:02

Not the most profitable exchanger. Of the benefits highlight the speed of operations and range of currencies, for me. Everyone chooses his own.


2015-09-14 07:48:16

It's not often my money, but I want it used was reliable and fast service. Insta exchange I like.


2015-09-11 07:34:21

I think that the common exchanger. Standard work.


2015-09-10 07:23:52

I have to exchange money every day. This exchanger simply escape for me, because the operations are very fast.


2015-09-09 07:44:28

I like this service.


2015-09-08 07:27:55

Recently I learned that the exchanger. Compared to the previous - operations are faster, the rate is not much different, the service friendly. The paper trader exchangers such a godsend.


2015-09-07 07:36:59

I recommended this exchanger.


2015-09-04 07:50:50

In my mind it's very good service!


2015-09-03 07:23:38

My experience is that the combination of the quality of the service and the cost of exchange rates among the best competitors.


2015-09-02 07:34:24

Not cheap , but fast. Everyone chooses that it is more important and more appropriate .


2015-09-01 07:10:01

Excellent exchanger ! Not doogo and fast! I recommend!


2015-08-31 07:37:54

The other day a long time to translate, almost daily , but it's still faster than many others!


2015-08-28 07:11:33

Really liked the service , polite service and support a good course!


2015-08-27 07:10:20

Is not the only exchanger in the internet, which I use . I can say that this one stands out speed operations .


2015-08-26 07:25:42

It's realy reliable exchanger.


2015-08-25 07:24:41

Nick difficulties met during the exchange . I think a good exchanger !


2015-08-24 07:31:28

Every day I buy somesing in the internet, that's why I need this service. Thanks for good job!


2015-08-21 07:14:16

Good service! I used it regularly.


2015-08-20 07:26:20

I think it's the best exchanger!


2015-08-19 07:41:12

I have a lot of work in internent , get paid to different payment systems , currency everywhere different . This exchanger helps me very much . especially if you need urgently.


2015-08-18 07:20:26

I had not a single problem for the time of cooperationю


2015-08-17 07:23:42

Not sure you can find better than this exchanger .


2015-08-14 07:10:39

In today's world not fungible thing!


2015-08-13 07:14:05

No claims, are working perfectly!


2015-08-12 07:16:06

I am a user of the exchanger for a long time . I recommend it to anyone who appreciates quality and speed.


2015-08-11 07:20:51

Today I was happy with everything , I hope this will continue !


2015-08-10 07:18:37

I'm surprised! It's the fastest exchanger from my expiriense.


2015-08-07 07:05:59

The best service for active traders


2015-08-06 08:19:54

О, приятно удивлен работой сервиса. Мои деньги перевели за несколько часов.


2015-08-05 08:04:37

I recommend this exchanger.


2015-08-04 07:23:01

I'm regularly use this exchanger. Very satisfied


2015-08-03 08:16:18

After 3 hour money came to my expense. This is the best indicator for me.


2015-07-31 08:17:16

I want to join all the positive reviews! So well written, even nothing to add!


2015-07-30 07:24:10

I met a lot of not honest exchangers on the Internet. With Insta already half a year no problem.


2015-07-29 07:22:29

Not even comments, works fine service.


2015-07-28 07:44:23

Excellent service, I hope nothing changes!


2015-07-27 07:28:26

It's reliable in my expуrience!


2015-07-23 07:36:31

Every hour in the world of finance is of great importance . Exchanging money in a few days is unacceptable. Here, the operation takes place within a few hours .


2015-07-22 07:31:02

I am a trader , quick and inexpensive exchange for me is very important. InstaChange save regularly!


2015-07-21 07:41:49

For me definitely the best exchanger . If somewhere faster than 5 hours vary, please let me!


2015-07-20 08:23:12

Good exchanger, I'm glad I will change here.


2015-07-17 07:29:38

I prefer quality and reliability, so choose InstaChange


2015-07-16 07:21:59

I recommend this service. For me it's realy reliable.


2015-07-15 07:18:59

Great! 2 hours need for any operetion on an exchange. The best time in my experiens!


2015-07-14 07:24:56

About a year using this exchanger, each transaction takes plase at a high level.


2015-07-13 07:10:56

I'm a treider, I need in such a service both in the air. InstaChanger is an assistent in my work.


2015-07-10 07:09:36

InstaChange is the best exchaner for today. An acceptable exchange rates fnd processing speed.


2015-07-09 07:15:29

operaition ends in a few hours - it's an excellent result!


2015-07-08 10:08:50

I Like this service! Use it often.


2015-07-07 07:13:52

I'm peased with the work of the service, the price of the exchange is acceptable for me too.


2015-07-06 08:35:30

I рut the top level.


2015-07-06 08:31:49

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The transaction with InstaChange went through smoothly. The staff were polite and helpful. All in all it was a good experience.


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great service,every time exchange is done in few hours.


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Good exchanger. Exchanged Liberty USD at MoneyBookers. Though it was Friday, the order was successfully processed until the evening, and I am very pleased. Thank you very much.


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I am quite pleased at the speed the transfers get completed and InstaChange is considerably better than what I normally encounter for this type of service. Thank you for a job well done!

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2011-05-07 16:13:54

Wonderful exchanger. I have lost money via other exchangers before and was really scared, but InstaChange came through for me. They are really excellent. Had the money in my account the next day. I will definitely recommend InstaChange to all my friends.


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Liked good efficiency and competence of the tech-support that have correctly consulted me. Ordered the return to Liberty MoneyBookers. All went well, just over 5 hours!


2011-03-30 10:11:11

It's great that there is a guaranty of 100%. It doesn\'t look like someone is going to change 100,000$, that means that an insurance fund is fully covered by the exchange operation :)


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Hey, my name is Kate. Simple interface is the most important for me, I don\'t like a huge number of useless functions. I need a couple of minutes to make an order - and everything is ready. That\'s just for me!
Thanks, Insta Change.


2010-12-28 18:26:42

thanks to many...very fast service i received my order in 4hours


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I\'ve used InstaChange for the secund time. They executed my orders very quickly.
I ordered the exchange of Liberty Reserve to MoneyBookers.
the order was completed in few hours

Thanks to InstaChange.


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I ordered the exchange of Perfect Money at Liberty Reserve today, as usual. Considering that today is Friday, the end of the week, the order was completed in 3 hours and it made me happy. It\'s noticeable that the Insta-Change team doesn\'t remain at one and the same level, it's always improving their skills in some way or another.


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Thank you, again, for your exellent service and speed. Support and user friendly. Highly recommended for their honesty and service. Keep up the good work!

Felipe Winter

2010-10-08 08:33:35

I\'ve used the exchange 3 times. I was exchanging Liberty for Perfect all the time. Last time the sum was about 100 usd. There were no delays with the outcome. InstaChange is checked by myself!

Carol Cason

2010-09-23 08:54:26

My friend suggested working with Insta Change. He was right, that\'s the best service in the Internet. The most loyal prices of exchanging rates for over 30 currencies. I am happy to work with them.

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2010-09-15 09:21:14

Thank you very much my liberty reserve have been credited. I will tell the world that you are best when it comes to e-currency funding. Once again thank you.


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I can say that am satisfied with the service. I\'ve exchanged a couple of hundreds of Perfect EUR for Liberty USD. Everything has been done in time and with a quality, that speaks for the team of InstaChange and for their qualification in performing this deal. Thanks, that you are with us!


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I had used another exchanger and I can still remember the troubles I went through. I really enjoy your very low rates! I will use your services for all of my e-currency needs. Insta-Change is just wonderful and I will recommend you to as many friends as I can.


2010-08-02 09:44:28

The service is simple and understandable in use. The procedure of making the order is taking about a minute, the processing of a transfer about three or five hours. There were no delays or problems. Thanks to you InstaChange


2010-07-23 12:31:34

Hi! I\'ve been using the changer for a long time. Through all that time there have been no problems with the transactions. You get the money in the period of 5-6 hours, sometimes a little bit longer, that depends on business of online service. I don\'t count it as a problem. Thanks for your work guys!

Joy Walker

2010-07-15 10:43:41

I\'ve been using the changer for a half of year already. The problems with the payments have not happened at all. The service offers the system of getting rebates to all reistered users, but hurry up to do that! Thanks InstaChange for that!


2010-07-01 16:42:59

it\'s great that exchanger gives an opportunity of change electronic money as real. The system of off\'s makes the exchanger more valuable. Good job, hope to continue our work in future.


2010-06-24 07:49:32

My friend who suggested me this service is a regular customer of InstaChange. I have formed my own estimate about the exchanger and haven\'t regretted yet. The support team was very polite and helpful. I got the whole amount what made me very glad!


2010-06-16 08:06:24

Hi everyone! I\'ve been changing the Perfect money for Liberty reserve. That was so quick and without problems. Very happy with the result. The team was very polite and friendly towards me. That\'s why I\'m going to use your\'s customary.


2010-06-04 20:20:50

Nice! Repeatedly used the service to, I am very pleased. Fast, reliable and accurate. Up to 1 hour of the transaction has taken place. Thank you, I will continue to their clients.


2010-06-04 09:49:17

They\'ve completed my orders very quickly and with good quality both times. I\'ve made my order through online order form. All the money orders have been performed within one day, after what I got my money deposited to my Liberty Reserve account. Thanks InstaChange - I\'m very pleased

Roger Ballah

2010-05-27 14:17:17

I have been using InstaChange\'s services for last two months and I like it. Their staff was very helpful to me.
I fully recommend InstaChange


2010-05-22 10:07:49

Let me say some words about Insta Change\'s work. To my mind, they provide very qualitative service and I can tell for sure that they\'re real professionals in this field. I placed an order to fund my liberty Reserve account with Insta Change and within approx 5 hours I have it in my account. So I do recommend them.


2010-05-15 13:10:09

Thanks a lot for velocity and polite service. I commend you for quality of service when I ordered the exchange of Liberty Reserve to Perfect Money. Stuff of Insta Change you are the best!


2010-05-14 19:38:16

Thank you very much for the last transfer from liberty to moneybookers. Fast - Complete - Perfect !!! Thanks. Very very good work. I have you list on my website under TOP - Changer. Greetings from Germany sends a.god


2010-05-06 13:32:43

It took 20 minutes to complete my order: very pleased with the service!

Daniel N

2010-04-19 09:22:19

I am totally impressed with your services and the speediness of your replies. From this point forward, InstaChange will handle all my exchanges.


2010-04-12 10:38:32

I just complete another successful transaction. It is now 3 times that I have changed liberty reserve for bank wire and I got the money in my bank within three days! Congratulations for your excellent service.

Abiodun Mayowa

2010-02-26 11:14:02

Thank you, I just received the exchange at a very good price. Thank you for the speed and good rate.


2009-12-23 08:33:01

Hi there. Thank you for your fast service. I received LibertyReserve payment from you. Very good service.


2009-12-07 08:58:17

This is the first time I\'ve used Insta Change and am very pleased with the speed of the transaction. Will definitely use the service again.


2009-11-24 10:15:33

Thank you very much for completing the transfer from perfectMoney to Liberty Reserve. I was getting a little worried, but I can see that was not necessary! Cheers and happy weekend. :-)

Insta-change Support

2009-11-10 08:54:00

Transaction holding period is from 1 to 6 hours during working time 08:00-17:00 GMT+00 Monday- Friday.


2009-11-08 08:41:52

Im waiting for my payment more than 12 hours..
so what\'s happend??


2009-11-05 10:48:59

No delays, no bull. My order was completed as promised. Bank wire sent on Tuesday and Liberty Reserve funds received on Thursday.Thanks Insta-change


2009-11-05 10:37:49

Thank you so much for your help in completing my order swiftly. will ONLY deal with you from now on.

sukhbant singh gill

2009-10-24 18:58:20

i am yet to get the a/c no. in which ican deposit for exchnge

Chun Lee

2009-10-14 11:12:31

I buy Perfect Money for attractive price. Very good service. Thanks.


2009-10-12 11:22:36

I have paid for Liberty Reserve and got it by very good price during next 3 hours. Excellent!

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