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Buy or sell e-currency of the most popular on-line payment systems in the Internet: Skrill, Z-Payment, Qiwi Wallet.

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No currency exchange operations
are carried out via
Skype, ICQ or Yahoo

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I buy e-currency for real money?

Yes, it is possible. It is necessary to choose the top menu item "Buy/sell" and click on the green button Buy at the opened page. So the option of payment for the e-currency by the credit card or bank wire will be available for you.

2. What is the commission for exchange?

There is no fixed commission because rates are changing at any moment in compliance with market reality. Current quotes you can see at the main page of the website. Service guarantee that provided exchange rates are one of the most advantageous among all others exchangers of electronic currencies.

3. What time is needed while buying of e-currencies by wire transfer?

Credit of e-currency to your wallet in a payment system occurs during 12 hours after the bank payment reception to the bank details of service. Average period of bank payment reception is 1-2 days. Total period of money credit to wallet in electronic system is 2-3 days.

4. What are the warranties in case of force-majeur situations while the exchange? service is the only service of e-currencies exchange which has security reserve fund of 100 000 USD provided along with international Forex-company InstaForex. Detailed information about exchange system is available in 100% Guarantee section.

5. What additional commission charged for withdrawal to credit card?

It is subtracted from the exchange rate of e-currency for real funds bank commission in a rate of 1.95 USD +1%. So from transfer of 1000 USD is subtracted 1.95 + 10 USD = 11.95 USD or approximately 1.19% of the amount of transfer.

6. How much time does the processing of transactions in service take?

All transactions in our service are being processed manually purpose of security and defense of fraud with your funds. Transaction holding period is from 1 to 6 hours during working time 08:00-17:00 GMT+00 Monday-Friday.

7. Where can I view my referral link in the partners area?

In order to know your referral link you should authorize at the site, then to enter the partners cabinet where you will be able to view your affiliate account (consists of four digits) in the area of partners program balance, the link will be as follows:, where xxx is the cabinet number.

8. What is the minimal amount of transaction via bank wire?

Min amount of bank transaction is $500.

9. Do you have update file of currency rates?

Exported exchange rates:







E-currency exchange

Purchasing electronic currency

Payment System SolidTrustPay

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