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Buy or sell e-currency of the most popular on-line payment systems in the Internet: Skrill, Z-Payment, Qiwi Wallet.

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are carried out via
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Discounts e-currency exchanger offers a system of discounts. To receive a discount, you should register on the website and exchange your e-currencies after authorization.

Sum in USD Discount in %
99 2
5000 20
10000 30
20000 40

The 2%, 20%, 30% and 40% discounts are provided on commissions charged for e-currency exchange. All your exchange operations are summed up, recorded and used for automatic calculation of the commission rate (the discount is provided on all the operations except for the first one).

For instance, you ordered an exchange and must pay 5% commission. Your first exchange amount is $100, the second one is $100, and the third one is $4,800. The commission for the first operation will equal $5. The commission for the second operation will not be $5 but $5 - 2% = $4.9. The commission for the third exchange will traditionally be 5% of the amount or $240. But being recorded, all of your exchange amounts (100+100+4800=5000) will give you a 20% discount on your third operation. So you will not have to pay $240 but $240 - 20% = $192.

E-currency exchange

Purchasing electronic currency

Payment System SolidTrustPay

If you need to transfer money instantly between the wallets, to business partners, sign up for new wallet, the quickest and most secure mean of all electronic currencies exchange - is universal exchanger Working with you can always reckon upon the profitable rate of exchange and low fees! Besides, we process exchange operations of Skrill easy and safely! We also have accumulative discount system for all types of exchange, which will help you to decrease the cost of exchange process. Working with us you save money on transactions!

No matter which currency you used to work with - you have to replenish your wallets and, consequently, buy it regularly. You can buy Skrill, USD (bank), EURO (USD) right now, using services of We provide the most convenient and profitable fees for exchanging/buying/selling electronic currencies. If you know the value of money, deposits money at gainful rates by Conduct all possible operations with electronic money quick and safely together with Our company works the major electronic currencies, so their exchange, buy/sell, deposit/withdraw operations will be processed in almost no time.

The universal e-currency exchanger offers performance of all available operations in SolidTrustPay payment system. If you are a large business, the need for secure global transactions is obvious; however, even if you are small you need to be ready - the customers that visit your online shop could be from anywhere, speaking any language, ready to pay with any currency. The best way to deal with this is to find a middleman company to help secure your money as it travels across great distances, digitally. This way you eliminate a large amount of risk.

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